Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked all the time by holidaymakers before they stay in one of our Seminyak Villas. If you have any other questions please Whats App Steven in Sydney on +61 402 222 605 where he can personally answer any question you might have about Bali, booking a villa, what it’s like to stay in a villa and what you can expect.

Steven Walberg - Seminyak VillasSteven is one of the founders of Seminyak Villas-bali and will have most of the answers to all your questions. Having lived in Seminyak, Bali for over a decade he’s got a wealth of knowledge when it comes to holiday villa accommodation, which are the best villas and what is the right style of a villa for your next Bali getaway.

✅ What type of Seminyak villas do you rent and for who?

We have selected all kinds of villas from traditional ones to contemporary ones and all of them have been inspected by our team personally to make sure they are well-maintained and living up to the expectations of the photos on our website. You can stay in a Javanese Joglo villa, a villa with a tropical open-air living room, or in a sleek contemporary holiday estate with AC in the living room and amazing facilities. We also list fabulous family villas and romantic 1-bedroom honeymoon villas for couples. Literally, anything you can think of. Need a villa for your birthday party or your Bali Island Wedding? We can help you with that as well. Our villa specialist team knows each and every one of the villas on our website and they can give you personal advice suited to your needs and wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

✅ How do you ensure the quality of the villas? Did you really inspect all of them?

Yes, we really inspect each and every villa listed on our website. We know the villa, the team, the management and owner(s). We don’t accept just any villa to be taken into our Seminyak Villa Collection, we handpicked the best ones.

✅ How do I make a booking?

We’ve made the booking process really easy. Just click on the villa you like and fill in the booking form on the right side of the booking page and then submit the form. If you want to confirm your booking directly, we ask a 50% deposit bank transfer or EFT.

You can also place an option on a villa and confirm later. For immediate answers to your questions, make use of our live chat services to see if a villa is available for your booking dates (or any other questions you may have). Once you are ready to confirm, we will send you an email with payment instructions.

✅ Can I make changes to my booking?

Contact our reservation team if you want to make changes to your booking. They will assist in every possible way they can. Each of our villas has different change and cancellation policies.

✅ Can I cancel my booking?

If you want to cancel your booking, contact our reservation team. Every villa has its own cancellation policy. Do read the terms and conditions of the villa renting agreement before you pay the deposit. Our staff will do their best to help you the best way they can.

✅ Do you charge a booking fee?

No, we don’t! All the prices you see on our website are as they are. No booking or service fees will be added. We are paid by the villa owners directly and that is also how we can guarantee the best prices for our villas.

✅ Can I make a last-minute booking?

Yes, you can! If the villa of your choice is available, our staff will gladly help you to book the villa last minute even if it’s just 24-hour before you arrive at the villa. The only condition is that the full payment is done and received by us prior to your arrival.

✅ How can you guarantee the best prices?

We can guarantee the best prices because we work closely together with the villa owners and managers. It is not you who pays us, it’s the villa owner as we get him or her bookings for his/her Seminyak Villa.

✅ What is included in my booking?

Check the villa page on our website and/or ask our staff (24/7 available). What’s included is not always the same. Some villas have breakfast included and others don’t. Some have butlers or even private chef cooks or chauffeurs included in the rate and others only have housekeeping staff. Ask our reservation team and they will tell you all about it.

✅ I need a pool fence for the kids. Can you arrange it?

Yes, we can! Let our staff know you need a pool fence prior to your arrival. Some villas have a pool fence available at the villa. If they don’t, a pool fence can be rented. The rental cost for a pool fence should be around $30. We can arrange it!

✅ Can I count on reliable wifi at the villa?

Yes! All of our villas come with fast, reliable wifi. If there is any problem, we will fix it right away.

✅ Can you arrange my airport transfer?

Most villas include a pick-up at the airport so do check the rental agreement and inform our staff. We can also arrange airport transport at a fair price. Arriving in a foreign country is always a bit hectic. Our airport transfer will make it easy!

✅ What happens when we arrive at the villa?

You will be welcomed with Balinese hospitality by the villa manager and staff.

✅ Can you help us to arrange tours and day trips?

Of course, we can! We fell in love with Seminyak and Bali from the first time we set foot on the island and we like to share our experiences and knowledge with our customers. We can give personalized advice on tours, day trips, things to do in Seminyak, where to eat, where to shop, what spa treatment to get and so on. Don’t shy away from asking all your questions. We love to help and give our secret tips!

✅ Can I have a party or wedding event at a villa?

This depends on the rental agreement and policy of the villa you want to book. Ask our reservation staff. They can also guide you in the right direction to find that perfect villa for your event. Sometimes, additional fees apply and some villas don’t want parties and events taking place at their villa.

✅ Do you have family-friendly villas?

Plenty! We even have villas with playgrounds, kiddy pools, bunk beds and more. Check out our blogs and ask our reservation team. We will find you the perfect family villa in Seminyak! View our range of Seminyak family villas here.