Seminyak Shopping Guide for Girls

Seminyak shopping guide for girls

One of the many reasons girls choose Seminyak as their favourite holiday destination in Bali (or in the whole wide world!) are the fabulous shopping boutiques, local crafts stores and homeware shops.

Seminyak is a shopping paradise. A place girls like to get lost! Read on and enjoy whats hot in Seminyak.

Posted by Stephanie Anais 6 July 2020

In Oberoi and Petitenget, you will find the chicest shopping street. In the Double Six area, especially around Jalan Raya Seminyak and Jalan Arjuna (Double Six Road), you will find charming local crafts shops selling handmade hammocks, sarongs, jewellery and more. This is our shopping guide for girls – places you just don’t want to miss. We’re not going to bend around the bush, shopping in Seminyak is not cheap. However, you’ll be going home with unique, handmade dresses, bags and jewellery pieces. Things you won’t find anywhere else. So, save up and keep it for your Seminyak Shopping Day.

Bali Boat Shed

Girls' shopping guide in SEminyak
Bali Boat Shed in Seminyak. Credit: Bali Boat Shed on Facebook

You’re holidaying on a tropical island and to keep those vibes going and bring some home with you, go shop at Bali Boat Shed. This colourful clothing shop is located at the very end of Oberoi Road (near Mexicola and Bodyworks). Even from the outside, it is clear that this is the place to score flowy dresses with unique prints. Bring along your hubby. You can buy him a tropical shirt to wear back home if you’re on a girls’ trip to Bali. 

Lulu Yasmine

Elegant dresses made with silk and beautiful lace, fashion by Lulu Yasmine is inspired by world travels from Bali to Korea, Morroco, Turkey, Iran and London. All the clothing is handmade using traditional Balinese techniques. You will find elements of nature back in the designs. Think inspirational colours and patterns influenced by seashells, flowers, engraved tiles, trees and more. Jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and dresses, they’re all stunning and unique like your travel experiences.

Magali Pascal

Seminyak shopping guide for girls
Fabulous shopping boutiques in Seminyak Bali. Credit: Magalipascal on Instagram

An international brand, Magali Pascal has several shops scattered around in Seminyak so there is no need to worry to miss out on shopping here. The dresses at Magali Pascal are mostly inspired by 1900 French embroidery. Elegant, sophisticated and a notch of bohemian tropical flair, everything is made in Bali with carefully-selected quality fabrics.

Lily Jean

Shopping in Seminyak
Shopping in Seminyak. Photo credit: lilyjeanofficial on Instagram

Lily Jean is all about flair, comfort and quality. Bohemian, exotic and sexy, from resort wear to a party outfit. All is ethical and sustainably made. What more do we girls need? Lily Jean has a strict zero-waste policy in the manufacturing process of their collections. These dresses are designed to last.

Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace

If you are looking for something truly, authentic Balinese, check out Uluwatu Lace in Oberoi Road. All the clothing pieces are handmade with natural materials and finished with gorgeous Balinese lace. Shopping at Uluwatu Lace means you are helping to keep ancient traditions alive. Also, you’re supporting the local communities in Bali.

Mimpi Mannis

Mimpi Mannis is a sweet little shop at the beginning of Oberoi Road, just a couples metres from Corner House (great coffee!). This cute boutique is small and colourful and it is the best place to shop for sandals, bags, clutches, hats, jewellery and beachwear. Also, it’s a great place to shop for mum & daughter outfits.


Girls' shopping guide in Seminyak
fabulous boutique shops in Seminyak. Credit: SOUQ on Facebook

Not only a great place to come in for coffee and breakfast (all organic and yummy) but also a fabulous place to come and ‘shop till you drop’, SOUQ is a homeware shop that also sells beautiful clothes and jewellery. Combining old-world crafts with contemporary designs, SOUQ works together with local artisans and craftsmen and it shows. Each piece of furniture, jewellery, clothing and more is unique of its own, handmade and beautiful. You just can’t come in here and not buy anything Walking around the shop is pure bliss so do stick around for coffee no matter what time of the day it is!

Kim Soo

Kim Soo is another fabulous homeware shop where your Instagram dreams come to life. Ceramic vases, cushion covers, bed sheets, throws, gorgeous dresses and loungewear, you don’t have to look for something particular to come and shop here. Once you’re at Kim Soo in Seminyak Bali, you know you’ve been looking for this shop all along. Kim Soo is tucked in an old Dutch colonial building and here is a cafe area as well where you can relax and take a break in between your shopping.

We have to admit it, these are just a handful of our favourite shopping boutiques but it’s a start and there is more to come. If you happen to be staing in one of our Seminyak villas these shops are all withing walking distance. Do share your most beloved shopping boutiques with us – we’d love to hear all about it and we will go check it out if we haven’t already.

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