Seminyak Villa Holiday: What To Pack?

What to pack for your Seminyak Villa Holiday

Planning to fly over to Bali for a Seminyak Villa Holiday as soon as you can? You’re not the only one! We still got a couple of months to go and we’ll have to miss out on those epic New Year’s parties at KU DE TA and Desa Potato Head but when 2021 is finally here, we can finally spread our wings and fly.

What to pack for your Seminyak villa Holiday
What to pack for your Seminyak villa Holiday. Credit: amonranzo on Instagram

Got it all planned out? We know it’s hard in these uncertain times and that’s why we offer flexible booking rates for all of our villas. We also guarantee the best rates so there is nothing to hold you back from booking your favourite villa in Seminyak for your upcoming trip in 2021. Next topic: what to pack for your Seminyak Villa Holiday? We’ve got you covered. Just keep on reading…

This blog was posted by Stephanie on 2 October 2020

Seminyak holiday packing list

The most important thing to remember when packing is not to pack too much! It’s easy to stuff our suitcases full of things and clothing we don’t need and never wear and it’s such as shame because the more we bring to less we can bring home with us. You may still be in denial but let’s face it, you will want to go shopping! Even if you’re not a shopper, you’ll still end up with a suitcase full of souvenirs, cute tropical dresses, hand-carved masks, jewellery and local spices to give away or to keep. So, choose wisely and do not overpack!

Seminyak Villa holiday

Also, remember you will be staying in a villa. Our villas are perfectly well-equipped for a comfortable island stay. Check the amenities before bringing soap, shampoo, a hairdryer, iPod docking station and all that with you. Families travelling with a baby needn’t worry either. Most villas have baby cots, high chairs and baby car seats. Whatever they don’t have can be hired on your behalf. Check with us or the villa manager before you fly.

The list

The essentials

Well, we don’t have to mention the basics like passport and flight ticket, right?! However, there is one important thing we’d like to remind you of… your international driver’s licence. It’s essential if you are planning to rent a motorbike. It’s not that you can’t hire a bike without it but it saves you lots of hassle (and money) with the local police and also with your insurance just in case anything unforeseen happens.


When it comes down to clothing, pack light summery things made of cotton, linen and other natural breathable fabrics. No matter when you are coming, Bali is hot! Pack comfy flowy dresses, shorts, flip flops and hiking shoes if you plan to go on day trips.  for the girls remember you will be shopping for nice clothes, so no need to pack your entire wardrobe 😉


Yep, you’re allowed to bring more than 1 bikini set. We get it, your bathers is what you’ll be wearing most of the time and you need some different outfits for all of those fabulous beach clubs you’ll be hanging out at in Seminyak and Canggu. It’s also a smart move to bring sunblock. It’s expensive.

Smartphone loaded with handy apps

Google maps, Go-Jek, Uber, Skyscanner, Currency exchange, translation apps and so on. You can’t go on holiday without a smartphone these days. Also, don’t forget your chargers!

A bottle of something good

You may or may not have heard but alcohol is expensive in Indonesia. Want to buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? don’t be surprised if it costs at least 3 times as much as you would pay for it back home. Tip of the day: bring a bottle of good wine or something stronger with you. You can save it for a special evening at your private villa. You are allowed to bring 1 litre.

Don’t stress!

Bali is no deserted island. You can get almost anything you need. Want to make sure you don’t forget anything essential? Make a little checklist before you start packing and you’ll have peace of mind.


Stephanie Anais - Seminyak Villas

This article was written by Stephanie, one of the founders of Seminyak Villas. Stephanie has been coming to Bali for over a decade and knows what to bring when flying over for a Seminyak Villa Holiday to Bali.

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