Made Manis Gelato​ – best pace to take the kids for dessert

Everybody knows Made’s Warung is one of the best family restaurants in Seminyak. A place to munch on delicious Indonesian food and get enchanted with Balinese dance performances. Made’s Warung has also opened a gelato bar next door called Made Manis Gelato and now it’s official, this place is kiddie heaven. Food, entertainment and ice cream = hell yes!

Enjoy a Rijstafel to share with the family

Made’s Warung Seminyak is a place to munch on delicious Indonesian food and get enchanted with Balinese dance performances on the same evening. Order a traditional Rijsttafel to share, so you can taste a little bit of everything. Are your kids are not so keen on trying new food? Don’t worry, you can also order them a pizza or burger. Something familiar and tasty while mom and dad get their share of more authentic flavours.

Balinese dance

Every night, Made’s Warung in Seminyak has Balinese dance performances going on. Traditional music (live musicians), professional dancers in gorgeous costumes, handmade masks, it’s a feast for the eyes and quite an enchanting experience for the entire family. Ancient sagas and stories are shared in these dances and while dining you become part of it.

Made’s Warung is located on Raya Seminyak

Made’s Warung is located on Jalan Raya Seminyak (they main street that runs from Sunset Point on Sunset Road all the way to Legian and Kuta. A street with lots of shops and restaurants. You can easily spot Made’s Warung while walking or driving on this road. Just look out for the image of a crocodile biting off his tongue (because the food was that great!). It’s the iconic image of this restaurant and a familiar spot for everyone who knows Seminyak (tell your driver to take you to Made’s Warung and you don’t need to say anything more).

Made’s Warung in Canggu

What used to be The Joglo in Canggu is now Made’s Warung, tucked in a traditional Javanese Joglo house. This restaurant is open from morning till evening and there is a fabulous outdoor playground where kids can have many hours of fun. A must-visit when you are in Canggu with kids!

Steven visited Made’s Warung in Seminyak and made a video to give you an impression of what this place looks like. Check it out below