Your Post-Covid-19 Holiday Plan: Seminyak!

One day you’ll fly away.. leave Covid-19 to yesterday… 

We are missing Bali! We are missing Seminyak and we are simply missing going on a holiday! How we are looking forward to those post-Covid-19 days where we can live the luxury tropical island life once again on the island of Bali. Nothing can stop us from dreaming. One day we will live our Bali Dream again! Here’s some inspiration for your post-Covid-19 holiday plan Seminyak:

This blog was posted by Stephanie on 27 November 2020

1. Book your tickets

This is the right time to book your Bali tickets! Flights are cheap and booking dates are flexible. Surf to and find your tickets at the best rate. This handy website gives you a great overview of available dates and tickets per day, month or the entire year.

2. Find the perfect villa

Post-covid-19 holiday plan Seminyak
Your post-covid-19 holiday plan in Seminyak. Credit: The Layar Seminyak

It’s not a punishment searching for that perfect Seminyak Bali Villa. It’s like shopping 🙂 Find your style, look for the most gorgeous pool, the best location and the hottest amenities. Do you want a private chef or even a chauffeur? No problem! Is 1 swimming pool not enough for your travel party? Do you need an on-site playground for the kids? It’s all possible. Still not sure which villa is the best choice for you? Ask the help of our stellar reservation team.

3. Fly to Bali

Post-Covid-19 Travel Plans
Bali Paradise Island. Credit: virginiapalette on Instagram

One day, it’ll be that day that you will finally be flying to Bali – world’s one and only ‘ Island of the Gods’. You will arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport in the south of Bali, just a couple of kilometres from Seminyak. Most villa stays come with a free pick-up at the airport.

5. Dive into the pool

Post Covd-19 Seminyak Villa Holiday
Breakfast on the bed & by the pool. Only happens in Seminyak! Credit: camillamilja on Instagram

Once you are at the villa, get into the relax mode right away and change into your bathers. Float around in the pool, do some cocktail sipping and sunbathing, read a book and if you feel like it, go catch the sunrise on Seminyak Beach.

6. Stroll to the beach for the ‘Golden Hour’

Put on your flip flops and that nice flowy summer dress and stroll down to the beach where the sunset strikes during the golden hour of the day. It’s a magical time. This is what you came to Bali for!

7. Sunset cocktails

Post Covid19 holiday
Sunset in Seminyak on Double Six Beach. Credit: sudarma_55 on Instagram

Now it is time to order those cocktails! Pina Colada, Mojito, gin tonic – you name it! with your feet in the sand, lounging on a bean bag, Double Six Beach is the place to be for sunset drinks in Seminyak.

8.Spa time

post covid-19 holiday Seminyak
Forget about everything for a little while at the spa in Seminyak. Credit: pranaspabali on Instagram

Still feeling a bit jetlagged? Go to the spa and get totally blissed out. Seminyak has the most amazing spas such as the stunning and exotic Prana Spa and the fabulous Bodyworks Spa. If you don’t feel like going out, you can also get a massage therapist to once over to your Seminyak Villa and keep Prana Spa for later.

9. Shop

Post Covid-19 Seminyak Holiday
Can’t wait to go shopping in Seminyak. Credit: thewanderlust_rose on Instagram

Once acclimatized, it is time for some more strolling around. This time it is not to chase the sunset but to shop around for unique artifacts and gifts or a stunning handmade designers dress. Jalan Oberoi (Oberoi Road) is home to hundreds of boutique shops you’ll love.

10. Eat out

Eating out in Seminyak on your post Covid-19 holiday to Bali
Eating out in Seminyak on your post Covid-19 holiday to Bali Credit: sisterfields on Instagram

How much have we missed this? Simply going out for nice drinks and food with someone you love? It is time to enjoy life and eat out every evening. Seminyak is perfect for your post-Covid-19 food cravings! From a healthy lunch to an exquisite evening dinner for two. The choice of excellent restaurants is abundant.


This article was written by Stephanie, one of the founders of Seminyak Villas. Having lived in Seminyak for many years, she knows all there is to know about this fabulous cosmopolitan beach town in the south of Bali.

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